Client Brief : Update

I have since changed my original idea from a 2.5D side scroller to a 3rd person view where youll play as either a fish or seal. The idea is still the same from the orginal just a different view.


These are example picture of how my game is coming along so far I have complete the level. I now need to start adding the assets into the game and the the final game mechanics.

2017-05-16 (18).png

This is the players view, at the moment I am using the default model that comes with this mode already. I will be creating my model of the seal in unreal engine and then animating it to have a swimming feel for when you are in the sea. The other mode will he a simple fish and that will still have the same mission as the seal.


Client based brief : Update

Through the easter holidays I looked at way to make my game for living coasts easier and less time consuming so I can do my other work and manage to get the game made in time that living coasts want it.

My only worry was building the environment for the game in time because that would have taken a lot of time making the assets.

I found a video on youtube and it was a plugin for unreal engine which is the software I will be using to make the game. What this plug in does is build you a coral and this is perfect because it has all the assets with init.

Store_AutoCoral_screenshot_04-1920x1080-f8f63161b4c4f849dbd2cb2d12d1ab74.png jhosep-chevarria-capacoila-7.jpgjhosep-chevarria-capacoila-2.jpg

These are a few screen grabs of what this plugin can do. As you can see it build the entire scene for you, you have full control of this to as I only want the coral so I will make sure I won’t use the fish. I will be making the fishes and main character using zBrush.

Client Brief update

On Tuesday 14th March we visited living coasts to explore the site and see what animals they have there. We had a look at the previous games that where on the site. The game where really good but you can tell they have had there time and where having touch screen problems when playing them.

No I’ve seen what they have there and the different type of birds my game is suitable. I recorded sounds of the wildlife there so I can have that realistic feeling of real sounds when playing it.


Client Based Brief : Idea Development

We have been approached by living coasts to create a game that gives awereness about plastic in the sea and the effect it has on the environment and sea animals. I have come up with a simple but effective idea that will give knowledge to people about plastic in the sea and the effects it is having on them.

plastic ocean.jpg

I quickly sketched up a simple idea in photoshop of 2D version of what my game could possibly be like just to gain a simple idea.

So as you can see the bird above the sea is the character you will be playing and below the sea the fishes. Your job is to dive in and eat a fish the ones that are marked red are the ones with plastic inside them and the ones marked green are the ripe ones.

The idea of this is if you missed the green one and hit a red one it will come up on the screen telling you about how much plastic fish consume a year or the effects it has on the bird when it disgusts them.

If you hit the green one it I will tell you the percentages of how many fish have plastic in them and how this is damaging the animals in the sea.

plastic ocean version 2.jpg

I updated some other ideas to the sketch. I added in rubbish floating around on the sea bed because this is another huge problem that is effecting the sea and wildlife with init. It also effects sea birds because they will see something floating around then they will fly down and eat it, obviously this is seriously unhealthy for any animal to eat plastic.

I added in a scored bored so people can not only gain important information but be able to achieve something out of the game.

Every red fish or rubbish you hit you get minus points every green fish you get you go positive. plastic ocean version 3.jpg

This is another update on my initial game idea and this what will happen once you catch a fish it will stop and then the fact or facts will appear telling you about the problems that plastic is having on the sea animals.

Arduino : Development

Initial Idea of my Arduino. The name of my Arduino will be AngleDash and this will be testing your memory. There will be a round strip of LED lights and a analog centred between the LEDs. The LED lights will flash individually with a pattern and what your mission is to do is copy that pattern if you get it wrong you will fail and it will restart the pattern again. arduino.jpg

This is just a quick example of what I would like my Arduino look like. This is just a rough sketch I have done in photoshop so you can get the idea of it.

I want a speaker based inside the Arduino so people that use the device will have an indication for when the loose or pass a level.

I need a battery pack where I can put my own batteries in so you can hold the device when using it instead of having to have it plugged in when in use.

What I will need :

  • Speaker 3in Diam. – 4 Ohm – 3 Watt
  •  Based on the design of my Arduino I will preferably need a lilypad Arduino.
  • Round LEDS
  • Analog
  • Battery Pack

    arduino blues prints.jpg

Blue Prints

This is just a quick overlook to what I want the layout to look like inside the casing of my Arduino.

Advance what I need : 

LilyPad Arduino 328 Main Board

LilyPad Vibe Board

Thumb Joystick

NeoPixel Ring – 16 x WS2812 5050 RGB LED with Integrated Drivers


Lithium Polymer Battery – 2000mAh



Narrative Theories : Alienated



Narrative theory is a way that a story is told in  both fictional and nonfictional media text.

One famous theorist Vladimir Propp came up with a chart called Spheres of Action and what this does in separate parts of the story and give characters and props meaning.

A good example of a movie you  can relate the Spheres of Actions to is star wars.

Villain – would be who the hero struggles against   so in the case it would the empires from star wars.

The hero – This would be luke sky walker.

The donor – The donor is the person who is the hero a magical gift or prepares the hero. in this case this would be obi wan kenobi who give luke the lightsaber and trains him.

The Helper – The helpers are who support luke through out his quest these would be the droids R2-D2 and C-3PO who support him through the story.

The princess – The princess will be some who is sought for. This would be princess leia.

The false hero – This is someone who is thought to be a hero but emerges as a villain. In this case this would be lando calrissian.

The dispatcher – This is someone who send the hero of on there quest. In this case it would be Obi wan kenobi who send R2-D2 of to give luke a message.


These are the Sphere of actions that can also apply to my game Alienated. 


The Villain would be the humans who are the one that captured you and did experiments on you

The Hero would be the main character that was captured and has being trying to escape the facility.

The Donor would be the space ship you crashed in as it hold the orb which is mainly a gift to keep your character alive.

The helper in this case you could say its the person that lets you free when the disaster is happening on the out side.

In my case there isn’t really much a false hero in my game you either have the humans or the alien so I cant really claim a false hero.

The dispatcher would be the other aliens watch over you on the rim of space where.


TZVETAN TODOROV – Is another theorist that came up with a way of telling narrative story and this is called Equilibrium.

  1. State of Equilibrium this is when everything is based equally at the start of the story.

2. Disequilibrium is when the order has been destructed .

3. Recognition of disruption is whom caused the destruction.

4. Attempt to repair the disruption now the disruption has happen there is now an attempt to repair.

 5. A restoration of a new equilibrium to mark the end of the narrative.

These rules of  TZVETAN TODOROV’S theory can also be applied into my game

State of equilibrium is when the humans are on the earth doing there own thing and the alien if outer space kept unknow so everything is at an equal balance.

The disequilibrium is now the alien has crashed into earth and has caused a disbalance in the order of the narrative.

Recognition of disruption this is the humans and the alien.

Attempt to repair the disruption I wouldn’t really say there was an attempt to repair the situation it’s more for the alien to escape that could suggest this will repair the situation by escaping.

A restoration of a new equilibrium this is once the alien escapes and the new equilibrium is made.




Narrative Story : Alienated

The base story to my game Alienated. The main character being the alien crashed down into earth where the humans have found you and taken you in. You have been held captive for many years and the humans have been running experiments on you. They have been learning how alien technology works and how they can extract the tech for their own use. When you crashed down to earth you was carrying an orange orb that can harness energy from nothing and if they was able to figure out the true power of what this could achieve this would mean the end of extraterrestrial  life.

Years on you have been held captive in the cell not only have the humans been learning how the aliens work but you have been learning how the humans work and speak. Youve been watching the news taking in information about what’s going on in the world, little do the humans know that the aliens on the outer rim of space are watching over you and watching how the humans are developing.

For many years you have been trying to figure out how to escape from this prison you are in, you have had many chances to escape but the chances of survival are slim. although one day a natural disaster on the outside world has occurred which has left the facility you are captured in vunerable to escape.

Your objective now is to figure out how to escape the facility while this disaster is occurring but it wont be that easy as the humans have set up traps and a final maze that you will need to try and figure how to get out. This is where years of patience has paid of because you’ve listening to the humans talk about the final maze and how the traps works which give you an advantage.

Not all the people in the facility found the experiments that where led on you right some people found care for you and wanted to end the pain the humans where doing to you. Especially one in particular which always tried to stop the experiments from being so harsh. While this disaster was becoming worse one of the the humans who found interest in the alien life let you free and from there you had to figure the rest out for yourself.

Unreal Engine : Trigger Camera

For my game I wanted to add cameras in for different areas of the game I will now go through the process of what I did to do this.

Screen Shot 2017-02-03 at 16.09.25.png

First of all you wanted to add the “box trigger” this is the box that will activate the camera when you enter the area.

Screen Shot 2017-02-03 at 16.09.34.png

Secondly you want to add the “camera” this is the camera that will show you the view once you have entered the area.

Screen Shot 2017-02-03 at 16.12.38.png

You now want to go to the blueprints and add in “OnActorBeginOverlap”  then add a “branch”. This is the starter process to making the cameras work. Screen Shot 2017-02-03 at 16.12.52.png

Now you want to add “Set View Target with Blend” this is what will active the change. Screen Shot 2017-02-03 at 16.13.00.png

You now want to add the “cameraActors” this is the camera that will be linked to the “Box Trigger”. Screen Shot 2017-02-03 at 16.13.05.png

Then to finish of the entire process you want to add in “Get Plater Controller” this is that so when the character walks into the “Box Trigger” and will active the switch.


Unreal Engine : Open Door Event

In my game I wanted to have a function where you can open a door. I will no go through the blue prints I did to do this.

To begin with I opened level Blue prints. Screen Shot 2017-02-03 at 13.11.49.png

Screen Shot 2017-02-03 at 13.13.38.png

Once you are in this section you want to add in “OnBeginCurseOver” and “OnEndCurseOver”, these will be what link the door to open. Screen Shot 2017-02-03 at 13.14.03.png

You now want to add “Get player Controller” what this does it begin the access of the door.Screen Shot 2017-02-03 at 13.17.41.png

Once you have done that you want to link the “OneBeginCurseOver” and “Get player” to “Set”. Screen Shot 2017-02-03 at 13.19.06.png

You now want to connect the “OnEndCurseOver” to the second “Set”. On the second set you want to change the Current Mouse Cursor to crosshairs and what this will do is when you hover over the door it change to a cursor that indicates you able to open it. Screen Shot 2017-02-03 at 13.54.33.png

To finish this proves you one to add “OnClicked” then link that to “DestroyActor” then finally add “door” and what this will do is once you click the door it will destroy.


Unreal Development : Animation

Since I last used Unreal engine some of the mechanics had changed so there was new methods of making the animation. As I did 2D last year for my game I wanted to learn something different so I chose 3D and it was an entire new process to me.

I will now show the methods I took to make the animation of my character.

Because animation is a long process and I didn’t have the time to animate my character myself. I used a site called “Mixamo” and what this does was you rig the character and then click the animation you want. Screen Shot 2017-02-03 at 12.25.51.png

Once you had done that you want to have a play around with the settings on the right hand side and see which ones work best with your character. Screen Shot 2017-02-03 at 12.28.24.png

If you want to use the animation in unreal engine you want to make sure you click “In Place” as this will keep your character in place when you put it into unreal engine.

Screen Shot 2017-02-03 at 12.28.07.png

Once you have covered all that you want to go to “Queue Download” and make sure you save the Format as FBX as this will be the only format that work in your engine.

Once you have done all that you want to go to your project in unreal and important the FBX animation of your character and so on. Screen Shot 2017-02-03 at 12.32.46.png

You will end up with something like this.

Screen Shot 2017-02-03 at 12.33.20.png

You now want to begin the process of animation your character, right click in the workspace and go to “Animation” then “Blend Space”.Screen Shot 2017-02-03 at 12.34.21.png

Now you’ve done that you will now be able to open up the “blend space” and begin to create that animation for your character. Screen Shot 2017-02-03 at 12.35.47.png

Here is where your animation will be and from here you want to drag the animation you want when your character is stood still for instance mine was name “Idle”. Screen Shot 2017-02-03 at 12.35.54.png

I the parameters I changed the X Axis Label to 600 this will be what you use to connect the code later on. I actually changed mine to “speed” as it was much easier to find.

I then dragged over the idle animation and placed it in the box as you can see in the print screen. What this will do is sync the animation from idle to walking once you set the commands.

Screen Shot 2017-02-03 at 12.36.03.png

Once you have put both the animations you will have something like this and so on.

Screen Shot 2017-02-03 at 12.42.29.png

To finish of there where setting I used to complete this process.