Negotiated Research

Fifa corruption

The Corruption in fifa

Fifa : ( International Federation of Association Football )

Founded – 1902


Fifa History

The Development of fifa since 1994 – 2017.


Negotiated Research


Today tony showed us a video of apple event. This video shows of different areas of the latest software and gadgets being released by apple. The reason for this video is to gain a understanding of the industry.


Updates with apples music, apples music has up to 17 million subscribers which gives you access to over 30 millions songs. Apple music has content no ones else has, one of apples most popular  exclusives of all is the apples festival in London. The fact they are using such amazing and well known celebrities to literally advertise there products. They will be live streaming the festival for free for people with apples Tv.

App store


17 Million Subscribers to Apples music
140 billions apps have been installed from the app store, august

Effective reading

Different reading techniques

Different topics. Pick something that you have an interest in because it will help you want to learn more on that subject.

primo has journals.
When was it published
Who’s the author
what are their credentials
How was it published – is it a peer reviwed


Negotiated Research

Date : 19/9/16

Introduction to the Negotiated Research.

Today Tony went through the new module for the year and explained to us what we will have to do through the 30 weeks of the unit. I have learnt the importance of presentations and the different techniques you should do to make it a good presentation.

Tony went through the 4000 word essay and has help

Understanding Video Game – book.