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When looking into the theory side of advertising I had look in to the areas of how the advertising world is affecting the economy. It is impossible to shy away from the fact that advertising is a multibillion industry and in the last year alone in the US has spent up to 144 billion dollars on commercials and other types of marketing. I was reading an article online about the affects of advertising By Brad Plummer he said, “ads are essentially a psychological ploy, persuading people to buy things they wouldn’t otherwise want or need”. I can take a great understanding in this because there are advertise I have seen personally on TV and over the Internet that I feel are suited to me which they aren’t. If you have a look at the Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs you will see the different layers of what people need in life. You can tell that advertisers use this technique to tap in to people weaknesses and make them think they need the product when infect they don’t. I was looking through different methods of how adverting gets to you written by Ginny Soskey. Here are a few examples from his write up – “Scarcity” what this means is the rarity of the product so say if there were 3 seats left on the plane at this price you would be deceived into thinking you was getting a barging. “Decoy affect” is when they offer you something like.
Online subscription: $59
Print subscription: $125
Online and print subscription: $125
This will make you think you have got a crazy barging when infect they are offering you the same thing but in two different ways.

When I was conducting research into the presentation I had to look into many different areas. My presentation was about semiotics in advertising and the detail that is taken to make the adverts and what people gain from these, when I talk about what people gain I mean the effect the advert has towards then does it make then want the product that is advertised or do they look at it negatively and have a different opinion on it than before. I also had a look into the different techniques used in making of the adverts, like when adverts use well known celebrities they endorse them to promote their products to the audience.

I did a lot of research into the topic to gain a great understanding of the subject. I looked into the audience behind the subject to get more information about what the people want and what businesses do to maintain an audience. I did my own primary research during my presentation, what I did for this was hand out a leaflet with two different adverts. Both of the adverts where professionally done and I handed these out to the classroom to see what there opinions where on them. It was obvious which advert they were going to choose because one was with no doubt more professionally done compared to the other. Its shows what people like because the one that was more professionally done was crisper and clean cut even though they were both similar adverts and advertising the same thing. What this goes to show is what people are actually looking for is a professional out come and a good understanding what the advertiser is trying to show to the viewers. Obviously the other advert was well done to but the way the imagery was placed and how the text didn’t fit in as good. Some of the images used were not as professional either it lacked in the presentation of it and didn’t look as serious about the product, the way they was trying to tell. I did some secondary research looking through different websites to obtain a good understanding in the advertising world. I looked into the past and compared a lot of the stuff they did and what they was able to get away with compared to now. There has been a radical change over the years in adverting for etc, the old newspapers where able to get away with a lot things that would be deemed sexist in today standards. In the past advertisers didn’t’t have to worry about politically correct environment we live in today They was free to try different slogans and use imagery the way they wanted.




One of my most successful outcomes this year was working on the Torbay air show app even though my idea was not the final design of the app, I had some really good fun learning how applications are made and the time and effort behind it. I was able to work in a small group developing ideas for the app and we all had the chance to show of out ideas to actual clients and got some really good feed back.  I was able to learn from having the clients what people like to see and the different ways of marketing etc making people want to buy the app for the extra goods that come through purchasing it.


another good outcome from this year has been  working of my game called “Gobbler” I have learned a lot of new techniques in photoshop and how to put a game together using different programmes such Unity and unreal. I wasn’t  able to go straight into making my own game I had to do a lot of research on other games to get an idea of the audience I will be going for. I had to pitch my idea in front of a few teaches and had some good feed back. I also got some feedback to improve my final outcome.

Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 10.21.07.pngMy most impressive outcome was making my own version of iCopter which was a game I grew up playing when I was a lot younger. I didnt make all the graphics myself I just put them all together and did the coding to make the game. I learnt a great deal in Xcode, about coding it was a brand new software to me before I started this course and now I have the ability to put some basic code together. Obviously I had to watch a video online on how to make the game but I had to so I could teach myself more in the future.



Personnel Details:

Date of Birth:         6 March 1995                         Nationality:     British

Marital Status:       Single                                       Non smoker

Contact Details:


Address:                            95 Mulbery Close, Paignton, Devon. TQ3 3GB                                                                           Telephone: 01803 551647


Present:                                        South Devon College: Studying:

                                                         Extended National Diploma Level 3 Creative Media

                                                         Production Film & TV 

September 2011 to July 2013 : South Devon College: Studying Media Diploma

       Qualifications                    ABC Awards: Photography Level 3: Graphic Design Level 3:

                                                       BTEC Level 3 90 credit Diploma in Creative Media Production

                                                       awarded with Double Grade pass which includes 10 different

                                                       skills and techniques

September 2006 to July 2011  Paignton Community College

       Qualifications                    GCSE’s: English, Maths

                                                       OCR Entry Level: Science

                                                       Edexcel Level 2 BTEC:   Art & Design: Graphic Design

                                                       Edexcel Level 1 BTEC:   Construction

                                                       City & Guilds Entry Level: Craft, Design & Technology

                                                       NOCN Level 1: Certificate in Skills Towards Enabling Progression

During my last year at Paignton Community College I worked one day a week as a Carpentry Assistant with Peter Goss of Goss Joinery in Totnes. This was a very interesting and wonderful opportunity for me and has motivated me to continue with carpentry in my spare time.


I am looking for any work in the area to fit in with my college hours which total 15.5 hours a week. I am fit, reliable and enthusiastic and willing to work at anything that is available.


 I have designed and produced a range of cards featuring ‘Linemen’ which I am now marketing initially via local shops. My other interests include:

 Training at the Gym, Carpentry, Socialising, Football, Swimming, Music