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Digital Culture Pixel Becoming Popular

Minecraft was is a pixel based game that was released in 2009 and is probably the most dominate game that is pixel based on them market today. You can also argue that it is a indie. minecraft__140227211000.jpg

Pixel games becoming Popular

Pixel games are currently dominating the gaming world if you was to look on steam you would find lots of pixel related games. I personally think this is due to people becoming bored of all the amazing graphics in games and wanting something new. You could say pixel games are old though because during the 80s  all games where pixel based. I love the idea of pixel games it bring an entire new look to games and I really do think there is much more to come from pixel games.


Adam salesman says “It’s hard for people to take pixel art ‘seriously’ the same way they take 3D seriously sometimes. But then you get brilliant counter-examples like papers, please, which almost no one would describe as ‘retro’ or ‘8-bit’ despite the pixelated presentation.”

This is very true because pixels where the thing in the 80s people have a lot of stick against it as the new generation is all 3d and realistic and people dont see the point in pixel based games. The pros in pixel games pixel games will never age and will always have the pixel look to it, this is what makes pixel games special as they are just a huge collection of pixels to make something so simple look so nice.

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Digital Culture Melee Combat


“While games can’t replicate the complexity of a real sword fight, they can accurately portray the ideal of the form” – (Rick.L. 2015)

When playing games people are expecting the best out the gameplay as possible. I like the idea of games being as realistic as possible like real life time. There is so much hard craft put into making combat styles in games look perfect. The pros of having a good and realistic combat system in game gives you a great interactive experience with the combos you have to do to fight of the other character. I love the idea of having to have all these combination of button to click then pulling of an amazing moves that shock you in the moment of them.

Guy Windsor say “ What you tend to have in a game is, like, three or four moves, and you can block or strike. And that is so, so simplified that it’s just completely unlike an actual sword fight.”

I can relate to what Guy windsor is saying here because some games have the most basic melee sequences in game. I’ve played games that have fights that last up to like 10 minutes but through out that entire fight you just have the same kinda of combat moves and it begin to get completely boring to watch and you get fed up of it.

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Digital Culture

Gaming Industry / Advertisng in gaming

Advantages & Disadvantages Of In Game Advertising

Commercial promotion of goods and services is the meaning behind (advertising) it is specifically designed to increase sales of products. There are many different forms of advertising television, newspaper, billboards magazines and by word of mouth. The key advantages of in game advertising is you have a personal connection with the user of your application in the content you are advetising. (businesscasestudies 2016 )

Word of mouth – Advertising through the use of people by hosting an event and giving out valid information that will related the the audience.

Newspaper Ads – Newspaper ad are probably most traditional form of advetising products. The consumer would buy there daily newpaper have a read and come across ads that might relate to them in some manner.

Publick speaking – Is similar to word of mouth but you would be pitching to an entire audience of people.

Door hanger and flyer – Is a very traditional way of advertising this would involve you handing leaflets out and putting them thorugh people doors.

Radio Advertising – Is a rather interesting method because they will play music in the background that relate to product that youll see on a day to days bases. Foothilltech (2016)


  • Increases the usage of the product which means you will gain more attention from consumers.
  • will create new customers and gain recognition

  • You will gain good feedback from customer through reviews.


  • Kids that look at these different offer can be falsly lead on.
  • There is a huge increase of advertising going on and some people are put of about the idea of it. (Shelley. F)

Techniques in advertising


Facts and Figures – Facts and figures are commonly used in the advertising world to show of products and there superiority of the product.

Plain Folks – This is a way of advertising to your everyday citizen that can afford the prodcut and feel they need it in there life for the good value of it.

Bribery – Is seen in all areas of advertising what it means is if you buy something you will get a something extra that will benafit you.

Wit and Humor – Is used through catchy text that you find some what funny and divert you into looking at the product more. You see a lot of wit and humor in commical commercial ads they will use visual language in a creatie way for the viewers. Foothilltech (2016)

Advertising Sales

Your local high street shops like game, newlook, topman, jd and sport direct tend to show a lot of sales sometimes these sale can be very good for the buyer but times you can be deseved into thinking you have just got yourself a bargain.

The gaming industry is a huge industry at the moment and there is so much money to make with in the advertising side of it. Game advertising has changed massively over the years due to shear amount of people getting involved with it. In 2004 the gaming industry was only racking in around $34.5 million a year and over the years the revenue has dramatically changed. In 2007 the in game adverting was $295 million shy of $300 million moving on a few years down the line the industry had doubled by 2009 ($600 million), which began to show the vast movement in the industry. By 2014 it had risen to $1 billion, by 2016 the entire industry had changed, earning up to $7.2 Billion. (Wikipedia 2016 IGA)

The industry has changed so much because around 2006 the new era of consoles came out so there was going to be a lot of advertising behind these. The release of the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 would have put the market of the gaming industry up a huge amount. Cost of ps3 was around £300 and in the first two days of release the console had up to 600,000 units which sums around 1.8billion this was not all profit due the making of each console which cost around £180 so there would have been a profit either way. (Wikipedia 2016 )

Advertising in gaming

In 1978 there was a computer game called Adventure land. The advertising consisted of new up coming game to be released in 1980. The advert would sit in the game and could not be altered or edited. This was a new way of advertising to the audience and started a huge trend in years to come. The adverts would be placed on billboards to add a realistic feel of the environment of the game.

EA (electronic Arts ) is a gaming company that advertising a lot in their games. They advertise in the menus of the game also in the actual game when you play. Fifa is one of the main games the do a lot of in game advertising. For example this is a screen shot taken from fifa 94 and they are advertising Adidas and adventure land on the pitch sides of the game. You seen this in real life football matches where they advertise different products mainly sportswear and cameras. They have carried out advertising through every fifa they have released, in fifa 16 they even advertise tournaments on the menu one click and you can watch or look more into it. They keep the audience updated on real life football games and information about the team. This is a key aspect in the’re games because you don’t need to look on the internet you can just keep updated as you are playing the game. Patrick.G. (2015)

Electronic Art have said in game advertising made a slow start but now its become such a popular thing in games it has begun to pick up on the advertising of there big title games. In game adverting can go two ways make a game go well or make the game fall. A good example where a game has fallen from to much advertising with was a game called Zool. The game Zool needed funding to finish of the product so they entered into a partnership with ChupaChups to get the funding towards the game. The problem with was this the makers of zool focused on advertising Chupa chups more than the game and people found it overwhelming with the amount of adverts they had put in the game and is now known for over placing products. Patrick.G. (2015) / (ESA 2016)

Dynamic Advertising

Because technology has advanced this now allows in game advertising to be changed and edited. For example a company can place ads in the menu of the games to advertise a release of game to let everyone know it’s coming out or it’s out now. After a period of time they can change the advert to something different. This allows flexibility between the different time zones of the audience playing these games. Through this kind of advertising they will record that data and put it in prospective of who’s been looking at what and see if people are having a good interest in the adverts. Due to the mount of people playing these games they will be able to get good feedback of the future for what people like to see advertised and what people don’t. (ESA 2016)


Advergaming is a way of advertising through using a game to spread the product to the audience. The game would be based around the product and you would be getting pop ups and other forms adverting like videos, pictures and text for example to grab your attention. They would also offer prizes for playing the game, like a free gift if you complete the game. (ESA 2016)

Kraft foods are a well-known food brand that made an Advergaming to advertise their product. This game was called “What’s your Hunger Tude”, this game was dedicated to just advertise their new product ritzcrackerful. The main idea of the game was to hook a young audience in to playing it and then sharing with their friends their experience of playing it and giving Kraft foods a substantially larger audience. (ESA 2016)

In Game advertising

Mobile gaming has become a new sensation in gaming industry through mobile devices. When you are playing your free games from the app store, behind them is an entire money making system and this is all done through the games being free to play. When you are playing the game you constantly get in game adverts popping up (yeah the ones that annoy you), either way they are making money from you by just playing the games. What I mean by this is you may click on one of these ads and by doing this they will earn money from you. Another cheeky way the free games get money from you is by advertisng in app purchases for example Coin dozer is highly addictive mini kind of arcade game and all you have to do is place coins to knock them off. The catch in this is when you run out you have to wait 30 second to be able to place another coin and a lot of people don’t tend to have the best patiance and would rahter be albe to keep playing with no stopping, they have a little option called “coin shop” what this will allow you to purchase a significant amount of in games coin for a small transacton for example £3.00 for 200 coin and to anyone who has that little extra money spare will think how much this will benefit you so you are not really bothered about the price, then you soon run out and want more etc etc you will just go round in a circle.

Angry birds is another game that has been dominating the app market for a long period of time now. There has been many genarations of the game made on many different consoles. Mainly mobile devices, the thing that got people so hooked to this game was the add free side where you didn’t have to worry about them poping up all the time whilst playing. They made there money from in app purchasing, what these allowed users to do was skip a level. They soon added adverts into the game to rack in more revenue and along side this you also had the chase to purchase the game full for £1 to remove the ads. Stuart. D. (2015)

Flappy birds is one of the most susseful games to come out as free app on the store in 2013. The game was designed by Nguygen it become a sensation and by january 2014 it had 50 million downloads. For the time the application was out it had be claimed to be making around $50.000 a day of in app advertising. This goes to show how huge the advertising industry is in with games.
It was the top free app in around 53 different countries, the game was soon taken down due to a lot up raw about it, In the game there was these pipes that look identical to the supermario one. Because of this he took the game down a long with all the hate he got as it took him round 3 nights to make, when there are companies dedicated to making these kinds of addictive apps for people to play. (Anne. F. 2015)
Soon after the game was removed from the store people decided to start selling ther mobile devices because the game was unable to be installed through using the store. People who had Iphone 5’s were able to sell there devices for around £500 making a mini profit due to the one game being installed on the device, other devies like ipad, iphone 4s, ipods and samsung where also up in valaue due to this one app being installed on the phone.­­

Anne. F. (13/04/2015).

Celebrity Endorsement

Celebrity endorsement (TESTIMONIAL ) is a way advertising using well known celebrities with recongition and trust. They will use these people to promote their product as leading names to get the viewers attention. There are a few games out there that have actually used celebrites to advertise the’re games such as ‘clash of clans’ and ‘Mobile’ strike. Moblie stike uses one of the most iconic celebrites known today, people love him for his movies and body building. Arnold Schwarzenegger is a highly respected actor and has played in many war films that will relate the advertising of Mobile strike. This is the comercial for the app Mobile strike staring Arnold Schwarzenegger –

Mobile strike has been top grossing since its relase 2 years ago. (Carter. T. 2015)

This graph simply shows how much money the game is earning and downloads world wide. Since they started making these adverts you can see how much more money they was earning by november. (DEAN. T. 2015)

Clash of clans is another money making app that has people crazily addicted to it. There are many different in game adverts along with many in app purchases. All these games have a lot in comon they all have cheap prices to begin with in there store but then the more you spend they will offer you little bonuses along with your purchase. Clash of clans have also made some great commercials using very well known and respected celebrites to advetise there games. This is one of the adverts featuring Christpher Waltz and James Corden.

Clash of class was making very good money to begin with but you see by looking at this chart that there is a fluctuation in revenue they were bringing in despite that they have still made a huge fortune from their commercials and in game advertising. (Carter. T. 2015)


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