Final Game Evaluation

Overall I really enjoyed the client based brief and everything that I had to do for it. I enjoyed meeting with living coasts and pitching my game idea to them. I learnt many new skill sets during the course of my development on this game and if I had the chance to do the project again I happily would. I encounter many issues during the process of the game development due to technical difficulties using my friends laptop. As I was making all  my assets and design using the macs at university I had none stop issues getting the files to work properly on the windows pc I was using. The reason I used windows to begin with was the Auto coral I was using to make my game only worked with unreal engine on windows. Because the laptop I was using was strong enough to handle the game I was making it kept having bugs running slow and freezing a lot.

If I was able to re do this assignment again I would have stuck to unreal engine on the mac as it was a lot more suitable. I am a lot more familiar with the macs to and all the programmes I needed where already on them. I did enjoy the experience of this module but there where a lot of places where I could have improved on and show my skills of if I had only stuck to using a mac. I feel these issues that kept occurring ruined my potential to show what I could actually do.


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