Uv Mapping My Seal

Seal Unwrapping.

This is a video of me Uv mapping my seal and the putting it into substance painter where I will texture my seal.

(00:45) – At this point I am protecting the map from the seams.

(01:10) – I am applying the attracter which will attract the seams.

(01:30) – Now I have protected the map from the seam and then attracted them I can now unwrap the seal.

(01:50) – I am now copping the Uv over to my original by pasting it on.

(2:00) – I am now going to get the texture map to creating a polypoint  > clone txt, I them export the map as a Low polly and this will then be put over the high polly version on the seal and the put it into Substance painter.

(02:55) – Now I’ve done everything in brush I will now open my seal up in substance painter. I went into substance painter file > Mesh Select > SealLow polly and opened.

(03:30) – Here I’m about to bake my texture and what this does is bakes all the maps needed to texture. I then add my high res > sealHigh > to the sealLow res.

Now thats all done I can now start texturing my seal using substance painter.


Screen Shot 2017-06-07 at 16.43.21.png

This is my final texture I ended up choosing for my seal.



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