Month: April 2017

Client based brief : Update

Through the easter holidays I looked at way to make my game for living coasts easier and less time consuming so I can do my other work and manage to get the game made in time that living coasts want it.

My only worry was building the environment for the game in time because that would have taken a lot of time making the assets.

I found a video on youtube and it was a plugin for unreal engine which is the software I will be using to make the game. What this plug in does is build you a coral and this is perfect because it has all the assets with init.

Store_AutoCoral_screenshot_04-1920x1080-f8f63161b4c4f849dbd2cb2d12d1ab74.png jhosep-chevarria-capacoila-7.jpgjhosep-chevarria-capacoila-2.jpg

These are a few screen grabs of what this plugin can do. As you can see it build the entire scene for you, you have full control of this to as I only want the coral so I will make sure I won’t use the fish. I will be making the fishes and main character using zBrush.