Client Based Brief : Idea Development

We have been approached by living coasts to create a game that gives awereness about plastic in the sea and the effect it has on the environment and sea animals. I have come up with a simple but effective idea that will give knowledge to people about plastic in the sea and the effects it is having on them.

plastic ocean.jpg

I quickly sketched up a simple idea in photoshop of 2D version of what my game could possibly be like just to gain a simple idea.

So as you can see the bird above the sea is the character you will be playing and below the sea the fishes. Your job is to dive in and eat a fish the ones that are marked red are the ones with plastic inside them and the ones marked green are the ripe ones.

The idea of this is if you missed the green one and hit a red one it will come up on the screen telling you about how much plastic fish consume a year or the effects it has on the bird when it disgusts them.

If you hit the green one it I will tell you the percentages of how many fish have plastic in them and how this is damaging the animals in the sea.

plastic ocean version 2.jpg

I updated some other ideas to the sketch. I added in rubbish floating around on the sea bed because this is another huge problem that is effecting the sea and wildlife with init. It also effects sea birds because they will see something floating around then they will fly down and eat it, obviously this is seriously unhealthy for any animal to eat plastic.

I added in a scored bored so people can not only gain important information but be able to achieve something out of the game.

Every red fish or rubbish you hit you get minus points every green fish you get you go positive. plastic ocean version 3.jpg

This is another update on my initial game idea and this what will happen once you catch a fish it will stop and then the fact or facts will appear telling you about the problems that plastic is having on the sea animals.


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