Arduino : Development

Initial Idea of my Arduino. The name of my Arduino will be AngleDash and this will be testing your memory. There will be a round strip of LED lights and a analog centred between the LEDs. The LED lights will flash individually with a pattern and what your mission is to do is copy that pattern if you get it wrong you will fail and it will restart the pattern again. arduino.jpg

This is just a quick example of what I would like my Arduino look like. This is just a rough sketch I have done in photoshop so you can get the idea of it.

I want a speaker based inside the Arduino so people that use the device will have an indication for when the loose or pass a level.

I need a battery pack where I can put my own batteries in so you can hold the device when using it instead of having to have it plugged in when in use.

What I will need :

  • Speaker 3in Diam. – 4 Ohm – 3 Watt
  •  Based on the design of my Arduino I will preferably need a lilypad Arduino.
  • Round LEDS
  • Analog
  • Battery Pack

    arduino blues prints.jpg

Blue Prints

This is just a quick overlook to what I want the layout to look like inside the casing of my Arduino.

Advance what I need : 

LilyPad Arduino 328 Main Board

LilyPad Vibe Board

Thumb Joystick

NeoPixel Ring – 16 x WS2812 5050 RGB LED with Integrated Drivers


Lithium Polymer Battery – 2000mAh




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