Narrative Theories : Alienated



Narrative theory is a way that a story is told in  both fictional and nonfictional media text.

One famous theorist Vladimir Propp came up with a chart called Spheres of Action and what this does in separate parts of the story and give characters and props meaning.

A good example of a movie you  can relate the Spheres of Actions to is star wars.

Villain – would be who the hero struggles against   so in the case it would the empires from star wars.

The hero – This would be luke sky walker.

The donor – The donor is the person who is the hero a magical gift or prepares the hero. in this case this would be obi wan kenobi who give luke the lightsaber and trains him.

The Helper – The helpers are who support luke through out his quest these would be the droids R2-D2 and C-3PO who support him through the story.

The princess – The princess will be some who is sought for. This would be princess leia.

The false hero – This is someone who is thought to be a hero but emerges as a villain. In this case this would be lando calrissian.

The dispatcher – This is someone who send the hero of on there quest. In this case it would be Obi wan kenobi who send R2-D2 of to give luke a message.


These are the Sphere of actions that can also apply to my game Alienated. 


The Villain would be the humans who are the one that captured you and did experiments on you

The Hero would be the main character that was captured and has being trying to escape the facility.

The Donor would be the space ship you crashed in as it hold the orb which is mainly a gift to keep your character alive.

The helper in this case you could say its the person that lets you free when the disaster is happening on the out side.

In my case there isn’t really much a false hero in my game you either have the humans or the alien so I cant really claim a false hero.

The dispatcher would be the other aliens watch over you on the rim of space where.


TZVETAN TODOROV – Is another theorist that came up with a way of telling narrative story and this is called Equilibrium.

  1. State of Equilibrium this is when everything is based equally at the start of the story.

2. Disequilibrium is when the order has been destructed .

3. Recognition of disruption is whom caused the destruction.

4. Attempt to repair the disruption now the disruption has happen there is now an attempt to repair.

 5. A restoration of a new equilibrium to mark the end of the narrative.

These rules of  TZVETAN TODOROV’S theory can also be applied into my game

State of equilibrium is when the humans are on the earth doing there own thing and the alien if outer space kept unknow so everything is at an equal balance.

The disequilibrium is now the alien has crashed into earth and has caused a disbalance in the order of the narrative.

Recognition of disruption this is the humans and the alien.

Attempt to repair the disruption I wouldn’t really say there was an attempt to repair the situation it’s more for the alien to escape that could suggest this will repair the situation by escaping.

A restoration of a new equilibrium this is once the alien escapes and the new equilibrium is made.





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