Month: October 2016

Programmes : (Magica Voxel)

Magical Voxel is a free software on Mac and PC what this software allows you to do is build on a small scale only using squares. For a programme that is free you can go wrong with it I found it very fun to use and easy to navigate.

Download Link :

What are voxels?

Voxels are little cubes that make up an objects for example in games. Voxels are similar to polygons, polygons make a face and voxel make the face into a 3D object. You would start of with 4 dots to make a corner and these would be called vertex or multiple vertices and what the game or graphics card will do in calculates these corners as a face which becomes a polygon.


During one of my lectures I was shown this new programme that was similar to cinema 4D but a lot more easy to use and build with. The programme was called Magica Voxel and what this allowed you to do was build structures for your game. The engine also allowed you to build characters than can then be animated for your  game.


Magicavoxel only used cubes with in its engine once you had built something you have the ability to change what cubes looked like, there was a few different options you could choose these being   cubes, tubes, circular and rounded grids.2016-12-07 (1).png2016-12-07 (3).png2016-12-07 (2).png2016-12-07 (5).png2016-12-07 (4).png

The where just a bunch of prints screen of the mini prison I am going to be using in my game. As you can see though you have a wide choice of what you could make your game look like if you was to choose this programme to work with.

In my game I am going to have a few different areas this is another example of one of the sites I built for my game.

2016-12-07 (6).png2016-12-07 (7).png

Characters in Magica Voxel 

I wanted to touch on the characters that can be built with in the programme these where ready made ones build in the programme. You can manipulate them if you wanted to just learn the basic of how they work.

2016-12-07 (8).png2016-12-07 (9).png

How to animate these characters in this programme.


Narrative : Game Story Update


I’ve decided to change my original game idea. The original game was based on zombies and after looking online at zombie based games they all just seemed to be the same thing. I noticed my initial game idea didn’t really  have much to it and was just as basic as a zombie game with a little revenge twist to it.

I have decided to make an entire new story line to the game.

The human

zombies / contained

alien invasion / Virus


Narrative Inspiration ( Shell Advert )


I was looking online for inspiration and ideas that I could use in my game, while I was waiting on youtube for a video to load this video f shell popped up and I just carried on watching and notice how much this related to my game and game me some really good new ideas.

Screen Shot 2016-10-17 at 09.49.24.png

This gave me a really good overview of the game and how my rooms could look. It also helped me look at the size of the props for example the picture below show speakers and wires going around the room, even the door and lights all these things give me a rough outlook of my game and how it could possibly look.

Screen Shot 2016-10-17 at 09.57.57.png

Screen Shot 2016-10-17 at 09.55.07.pngIn this print screen I have be able to get a really good idea much detail I would need to put into my charater from this view. I was able to figure out the size of the character through this adverts.

Sound Production

Week 3 11/10/2016

Where are my sounds coming from ?

Sounds exist in your head and you visualise yourself interacting with it.  Ideas can be lost because you imagine other ideas. A good idea is to always log down your ideas.

Focusing on sound.

You need to be immersed into what you do for others to love it. “You have to love yourself for others love you”. Why are budders important because they sit down and mediate and listen all sounds.

  1. The first script reading – A form of script.
  2. What to listen for – You have to listen for something when you read that script, basically start grouping sounds the sound tracks.
  3. Grouping the voices – Sound effects, music and voices.
  4. The sound map (draft 1) – This will categories  all yours sounds.
  5. The sound map ( final draft) – complete.


The process of narrative and sound immersion 

The first script reading Immerse yourself in the written description.
What to listen for – What do you imagine in the moment in time the different sound the different emotions how will this effect the sounds. The different transition sound that help change.

Grouping the voices – Find the polarities between the different types of voices. Basically find the balance between them for intense a child and parent.

The sound map (draft one )

Separate the script into sequences and list the sounds in categories of concrete sounds. Concrete sounds are sounds that naturally go with the action when it happens other example of this is diegetic sound. Musical sound is a concrete sound that is used to enhance a scene for a example a clock ticking.

The sound map  ( final Draft )

The final list of sounds after a process of selection and elimination and what feel sonically right for the sounds editor. This is when you have complete your sounds, so this will be your final sound bank.


What to listen for objects, action environments, emotions and transitions. 

  1. Sounds linked to people, objects, and actions on screen that are explicitly described.
  2. Environments that can be fleshed out with sonic ambience
  3. keywords in both scene des

Reading a script will help you enhance your ways of making a narrative also looking at stories in different ways, you can also imagine sounds in the script.
For example “on coming trucks HORN BLASTS as the out of control car swerves violently its “WHEELS SCRATCHING “. The Horn blast leaving you imagining the scene when reading the script.

Script : 

Characters – Young boy and dog

objects – Rotten fence and chain and shoes. 

Actions – shoes loosing grip, keeping his balance, walking and dog lunges.



Interactive Narrative Idea Updates


I’ve since developed my ideas for my game. I’ve decided to go for a 3D based game which has a perspective camera view. The game will be a puzzle based game and you are on hunt for revenge.

The character is a office manager and he starts to hear about these attacks in the city. He decides to end the day for everyone and told them all to go home due to these attacks. On the way home his hearing people talking about a quarantine around the city and starts hearing shooting and screaming.

He gets back to his apartment the entire area is completely dead no sound nothing blood around the place smashed windows lights out. He walks up to the door and enters to suddenly hear people running around. He goes to his apartment room and suddenly the door is demolished through by some sort of creature.


I have now developed my entire idea in to something

Learning zbrush

Screen Shot 2016-10-04 at 14.18.41.png

This is my first attempt in using zBrush my main goal was to learn how to create a basic looking character with some details.

To begin with I open up zBrush added a sphere in to begin editing. Its a rather easy process but you want to make sure you use a good material as this result in what the end product looks like.Screen Shot 2016-10-04 at 14.23.07.png
Once you have chosen the object you will begin editing with you want click “Edit” this allows you to begin editing the object. The shortcut to this is pressing the “T” on the keyboard.
Screen Shot 2016-10-04 at 14.24.22.png
This is the brush panel where you can find many different brush to start editing. The most important one which allows you to add to the sphere is the “clay builder” this allows you to build onto the sphere to add features like noses or ear etc. You can quick access the brush menu by pressing “B“.

Other important brushes are “Dam_standard” and “Move“. Dam_standard what this is very good at is making wrinkles on face or even making little indents on a object. The Move brush is a very good brush this allows you to move chunks of the object. Screen Shot 2016-10-04 at 14.28.21.png


Screen Shot 2016-10-04 at 14.46.10.png

Draw Size – This slide allow you to choose the brush size you want to do the smaller you have it the easier the little details are, the bigger better the moves chucks.

The Focal Shift – The slider fine-tunes the current painting or editing action. It shifts the effective curve so the intensity is drawn closer to the centre or away from the centre.

Intensity – This is how much depth will be applied once you use the tool.


Negotiated Research


Today tony showed us a video of apple event. This video shows of different areas of the latest software and gadgets being released by apple. The reason for this video is to gain a understanding of the industry.


Updates with apples music, apples music has up to 17 million subscribers which gives you access to over 30 millions songs. Apple music has content no ones else has, one of apples most popular  exclusives of all is the apples festival in London. The fact they are using such amazing and well known celebrities to literally advertise there products. They will be live streaming the festival for free for people with apples Tv.

App store


17 Million Subscribers to Apples music
140 billions apps have been installed from the app store, august

Effective reading

Different reading techniques

Different topics. Pick something that you have an interest in because it will help you want to learn more on that subject.

primo has journals.
When was it published
Who’s the author
what are their credentials
How was it published – is it a peer reviwed


Interative Narrative : Grim Fandango Monkey Island

Date : 3/09/16

Grim Fanango

Today we look at Grim fandango is a point and click game made October 1998. We had a play of the remastered version of Grim fandango which was done in 2015. Its a adventure based game which a very nice style to it. The game uses a lot of dialouge to interact with the user. There is also a use of icon to indercate what to do when you hover over the object.

Monkey Island

We also had a look at the classic game monkey island released in 1990. The game is a 2D side scroller which has beautiful 2D graphics whilst playing game. Its a interactive point and click game. Through out the game you have to prove yourself to the to become a pirate by undertaking 3 tasks.

Insperation In Game Development

After looking into these game i have been very inspired by Grim fanango I like how they interact with the user when playing and also the way they have used the cameras in the game to show different scences.