Month: January 2016

Gaming Industry

Game Industry

The beginning

Video games are one of the main things in today’s culture. Games have been evolving for many years and have been bought out on many different plat forms. There are many different ways for us as the users to now interact with them. One of the first games ever made was missile simulator only just two years after the war. Another game that has been said to be the first game made was called “Pong” made in 1972 by interactive game, by 1975 it was available for house use.

The first integrative electronic game system built for home in 1972 was Magnavox odyssey designed by Ralph Baer. It was know as the home version of pong. In 1975 the release of Gun flight the first of its kind to use a microprocessor known as Intel 8080 CPU. A few years down the line the first handheld LCD 16×16 pixel based game device was made by microvison in 1971.

As the gaming industry was becoming more popular making more competition so companies begun to figure new methods of making games. This lead to the first 3D game for home use made in 1981 called “3D Monster Maze. It was still pixel based just like all of the previous games, but it was still the first to use 3D, which was a game changer. It was a randomly generated maze where you have to run from a T-Rex.

In 1983 a company knows as Superset software made the first game that featured online gaming, which is huge in todays culture. It was still a pixel-based game and was only a test to see how the capabilities of the new IBM machine works. This was huge step into online gaming we experience in today culture.

8-Bit Gaming System was basically an advanced microprocessor that processed 8-bit in a single operation. This made the video game system run a lot quicker and made the graphic improve. This made the Nintendo Entertainment System a successful 8-bit machine. Two years later the release of the 16-Bit game system was released in 1987. This system was the first ever system to play games using CDs.

Years on was the release of the PlayStation and Xbox which today are still huge in the gaming industry and they has always been a debate on which is better. They both have pro and cons about them. They have both started to use ventral reality, which seems to be the future of gaming. Since the invention of oculus rift you can see that this is a huge step for the gaming industry and we will for sure in the future of the gaming industry see more on ventral reality.

Job roles

Since the game industry started it has opened many new jobs for everyone involved. Gaming is very popular in today’s industry because the vast majority of people will own some type of console. YouTube has a huge impact in the gaming industry due to people making there own videos online to share with other people. Because of YouTube a lot people have to edit their own videos, which over a period people get, a linking to. Myself for instance I have become a huge fan of editing in advertising and all this is because I started making YouTube videos and had to learn how to become editor myself.

Game Designer – Game Designers are an important aspect in the gaming industry making the game play how it does. Their jobs can involve structure of the game, the story flow, object, props, characters and how the interface looks. Game designers are to make the best game possible with the budgets and equipment that they have access too. They are to have good knowledge on different hardware platform such as Pc, consoles and mobile phone devices. You are expected to engaged with to make and game that will attract them.

Level Designer – There job is to design the game building and landscape basically is the games architect. The level editor will also have to develop the game play of the level; theses will include the challenges that character will be facing through out the games. Level Editors play a key aspect in the game development, by creating amazing environments and game play scenarios for the characters. It is very important for the level editor to keep fully updated with the latest equipment too because of how quick the industry is moving.

Lead Artist – Lead artists are responsible for how that beauty in the game will look, how the environments will appear when playing. They will produce a lot of the art in the game themselves. They will also be managing a small to to create vast majority of level art too. Lead artists will make sure the team is working to the budget of the game.

Animator – is responsible in the functions of the character and how it moves. They will also do the animating in the games assets like how the objects behave and move when interacting with them, scenery, vegetation and environments.

­Indie game industry

When the gaming industry started there was teams up to 300 people working on just one game. When talking about fall out 4 they only had a team of just over a hundred people making the game. What you need to take into to consideration is how big the game actually is and how much detail that was put into it you would think the team would have been on a much larger scale. The art in the game is incredible and that alone is only a small fraction of what the game actually looks like not even mentioning the coding, functions, character design, story line, art, music and voice overs etc.

Now there are indie developers making there own games on there own with out a team. A lot of indie developers do crowd souring where they will make the basics of a own game and upload it to a website called Kickstarter­ this allows the developer to show off there game and get money for it while its in development.

Some indie developers will let you have an early access to the game and when the full game is released you will get it for much cheaper, or even before the game is made you will have access to the beta version while its in development still. YouTube and steam is also very helpful for indie developers because steam is a open source for you to upload your game on to so people can play. Because steam is a huge playform for gaming it is possibly the best way for you to market your game. YouTube is amazing for indie developers because it allows them to show of the game and get people feed back on the game.


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Camera Tracking

In todays lesson i have learnt how to camera track using Adobe Effects and Cinema 4D.

It was a rather short a easy process but very helpful and I’m looking forward to using it in the future.

Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 10.52.35

This tracks around the video basically scans it so when you place the 3D object into the video it will look much more realistic thatit would if you was not to use this process. Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 10.53.04.png

This was the process of when you click “track camera”.

Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 10.56.51.png

After the tracking is complete it should look like this.Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 10.58.03.png

Next you will right click on part of the image that has been tracked then you click on create “solid and camera”. Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 11.06.30.png

Once you’ve done that you will then need to export it into cinema 4D to open it up in Cinema 4D, you will then import the cup into cinema 4D.

Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 11.11.10.png

This is what it will look like once you put import the after effects file into the cinema 4D with the cup.Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 11.12.47.png

You will then need to fit the cup in the square to render.Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 11.14.04.png

In the setting you will need to turn on alpah channel so you don’t have a black background for when you import it back into after effects.

Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 11.14.49.png

Once you have rendered.

Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 11.16.20.png

You will then transfer the film into after effect.

Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 11.16.40.png

once you have transferred into after effects.

Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 11.16.54.png

Then you will just need to delete the orange box and you are complete.