Month: November 2015


What do you expect from your course? What are you hoping to achieve?

From my course games & interactive design I will be expecting to learn a lot of new skills and techniques. I will be learning programs such as Cinema 4D, Adobe illustrator Cs6, Xcode, Zbrush, logic pro x and Photoshop. I’ve learnt a fair amount of Cinema 4D in the past but I expect to learn a whole new set of skills because it’s a rather big program in the industry. Other programs like Photoshop and illustrator are my main programs I have used, I’m looking to enhance my skills whilst on this course. Xcode, Zbrush and Logic pro x are entire new set of programs that I have never even used before so I am looking to develop some basic knowledge to keep me up to date in industry standards.

What are you hoping to achieve?

I hoping to achieve a good understanding of skills and be able to sit in lesson and focus on my work with out having to keep asking for help so I am more independent in my own work at university and home. As I’m pretty good in Photoshop I hope to learn a lot more because I love using it and its just crazy what you can so I want to be able to learn a much as possible.

How do you think you learn?

The way I like to learn is watching videos, looking at other people work and gaining inspiration to develop ideas. I also like to think of my own ideas to be completely original. I’m a rather hands on person and like to get involved.

What influences you?

What influences me are games. Games influences me because I love how some games are visually eye catching and how much effort goes into making one. Games are a huge influence to me because the process into making one evolves around everthing I want to learn. Games that I enjoy playing and that influence me are fallout, call of duty, halo, pc games, strategy  games and puzzle games. Another thing that influence me is photographer, I love looking at photography becuase you get put into the moment of the person who took it. Landscape photography is the main type I look at because some people can capture the most mine blowing images, you can just look at a image and imagine what you want to see and make your own version.

What is media to you?
Media is huge platform of entertainment such as radio, newpapers and televison. It is a way of engaging with the public using. Media is a good way of advertising, because is come in all areas, say if you are to start a business the first thing you need to do is start advertising and that is what you will be doing through the media, using internet, radio, television etc.

Why is creativity important to you?
Creativity is important to me because I have always believed that I am a creative person. I love thinking of new ideas and show people them, the best feeling is when you show someone your idea and they believe in it. Creativity is important because everything we see today has been through peoples ideas, like the apple logo that was designed though ideas, the way a Macintosh is designed, is has its own unique look compared to computers. Creativity is everything really at the end of the day so it is very important to me.

What are your aims and aspirations for your future career?

My aims in the working world are to become a graphics designer, but since starting this games & interactive media course it has lead me to think of a few different paths like the gaming side of building a game even maybe story telling. I like the idea of 3D editing too because you can just go crazy with your imagination. I never though I was going to enjoy coding but I could possibly see myself in the coding side of the industry. To me mainly consternating on graphic side because I could see myself in the career of graphics due to my love of graphics all my life.


I’ve learned a lot using Photoshop over the years teaching my self and learning at college. I done a lot of photography as I was growing up and also learnt at college. I generate quick ideas when I need to and I am always thinking of new ideas. I’ve been paid to make people adverts, logos, broachers and intros.

I haven’t used much cinema 4D over the years so I feel I will be rusty. I know what to say when giving a presentation, but I get mixed up and don’t explain clearly. I’ve not done much 3D modelling but I am keen to learn and have watch videos on how to before.

I feel I have good opportunity in using Photoshop because I love editing. I have access all the equipment that I need. I have friends that are very good in the industry that I want to be in.
I don’t have much support at home as I lost my parents.


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What makes this images important to me. This is a collection of images that I find inspirational and gives me create ideas in my own course work.



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Orbital Space Station








I love how creative this image is how they have used a piano and the zebra stripes to combine both into a really interesting images